2024 Membership Renewal

Through education, networking, and professional development South Central Association of Blood Banks continues to provide opportunities for our members to enhance their abilities to deliver quality blood services.

As we face new challenges, we want to make sure you know how we’ll continue to fight with and for you. South Central remains committed to providing members opportunities to grow in their profession and further the industry we love so much.

Are you with us? Below are a few ways to complete your 2024 SCABB Membership Renewal quickly and easily.


Renewal Options for Individual and Institutional Members
(Individuals, Physicians, Institutions, Associate Corporate Memberships)

  • Easy pay INVOICE: If you do not need to update any of your member profile information (i.e. basic contact information, company, add a sustaining membership donation, etc.) simply click on the invoice you received via email and pay your renewal dues directly from that invoice. Check your email for the SCABB 2024 renewal information released on November 2nd, or any renewal reminders you receive during the 2024 renewal event.

  • Complete a Renewal Form: If you have recently switched jobs, need to update information within your membership profile or want to opt-in to or opt-out the ‘Auto Renew’ feature, simply fill out the 2024 Membership Renewal form to update your information and pay renewal dues for 2024.



Renewal Options for Current Student Members
  • OPTION 1: CONTINUE AS A STUDENT MEMBER: If you are still a student currently enrolled at least half-time in a blood banking or medical technology program, or a physician in training at a medical school, residency or fellowship program, you are eligible to continue your membership status as a student at a discounted rate of $25.

    In order to continue as a SCABB student member at the discounted membership rate, you MUST be prepared to provide a Letter of Student Status, written and signed by your professor or manager at the facility you are in class or training. Please make sure you have a copy of this Letter of Student Status ready before you fill out the SCABB Student Renewal Form. You will be asked to upload a copy of this letter within the renewal form and is required to complete the form.

    To remain a Student member of South Central please click below to complete a 2024 renewal form, select 'Student' as your membership type and proceed with payment.


  • OPTION 2: RENEW AS AN INDIVIDUAL OR PHYSICIAN MEMBER: If you have graduated and are no longer in student status - congratulations on this great achievement! You are now eligible to move to Individual or Physician member status!

    To update your membership type please click below to complete a 2024 renewal and select the appropriate membership type for your situation.


SCABB Member Benefits


   CONNECT through networking - via FREE or discounted in person
   and online events - with others in the industry!
Whether you connect
   face-to-face at SCABB events or simply keep in touch with fellow
   members through social media, a SCABB membership can magnify
                 those connections.

   LEARN through access to quality education events! We offer
   SCABBinar's, Regional Symposiums, on-demand sessions via
   S.O.A.R., the SCABB Annual Meeting & Exhibit Show, and
   additional events with partner organizations.

   GROW through development of leadership and management skills.
   Be part of the change that moves the association forward by serving
   on a committee and/or the Board of Directors, and share knowledge
   as a speaker at education events or on the SCABB Blog.




Student Memberships!


Education is shared as one of the top reasons for joining or renewing a membership with South Central. 

We want to make sure that everyone has access to the phenomenal educational opportunities we offer without stressing an already stretched budget.

SCABB webinars are FREE to Individual members and Institutions who upgrade to a PREMIUM membership!


SCABBinar's are approved for P.A.C.E. and Florida CE Broker credits.


We have taken our desire to offer affordable educational opportunities with South Central a step further.  In a time when budgets are getting tighter this is especially true with students.

Student memberships are offered at a discounted rate to those enrolled at least half-time in a blood banking or medical technology program and physicians in training who are in medical school, residency or a fellowship program.


Proof of student status required
with application