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The SCABB Education Committee continues to work hard on the 2023 Education Calendar. As soon as new SCABBinar information is released it will be available here so check back often!



 February 8, 2024
12:00pm ET | 11:00am CT | 10:00am MT | 9:00am PT






December 7, 2023
12:00pm ET | 11:00am CT | 10:00am MT | 9:00am PT


Speaker: Margaret Keller, PhD
               Executive, National Laboratories
               Senior Director, American Rare Donor Program 

Presentation: The McLeod Phenotype & Other Rare Antigens 


  • Describe the McLeod phenotype and understand what genome variants are associated with the phenotype and what other conditions can be coinherited.
  • Understand Kx blood group system, its relationship with the Kell blood group system and the alloimmunization risk in patients with the McLeod phenotype.
  • Use Case studies to discuss the complexity of transfusion management of patients with McLeod phenotype. 

The McLeod phenotype results from inactivation or deletion of the XK gene and a XK: -1 red cell phenotype. It is associated with reduced expression of Kell blood group system antigens. Depending on the genomic variant, patients with McLeod may have additional genetic disorders. We will review the KX blood group system and the XK alleles that have been reported, as well as the risk of alloimmunization. Cases will be used to illustrate the complexity and challenges with transfusion management in these patients. 

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October 26, 2023
12:00pm ET | 11:00am CT | 10:00am MT | 9:00am PT

Speaker: Richard Gammon, MD
               Medical Director, OneBlood

Presentation: Directed Donations and COVID-Vaccinated Blood Donors


  • Describe logistical challenges and risks associated with directed donations.
  • Determine how healthcare providers should respond to patients requesting blood from unvaccinated donors.
  • Evaluate if hospitals should be legally required to provide directed donations, charge extra fees, and be able to allow the unit, if unused, to be placed in the general inventory.

Hospitals and blood centers have been confronted with many directed donation requests from individuals asking for blood components from COVID-19 unvaccinated blood donors. Blood donors who have received the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine do not pose a risk to the safety of the blood supply. Information on COVID-19 vaccination or the type of vaccine used is not collected during the donor interview because it is not medically relevant. Hence, it is not possible to label or segregate blood accordingly. While not medically indicated, providing directed donations from COVID-19 unvaccinated donors is also logistically arduous and costly for blood centers and hospitals alike. Healthcare providers should strongly discourage legislation that requires collection facilities to provide a medically unjustified service.



July 24, 2023
1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PT

 Abstract Title: Testing Allogeneic Blood Donors with Unexpected Antibodies for Improved Utilization of Red Blood Cell Inventory

Author: D. Zeman, MLS(ASCP)SBB / 2023 Sol Haberman Winner

Abstract Title: Implementation of a Molecular Genotyping Protocol for Patients with Warm Autoantibodies
Authors: Dorothy Blake1, William S Crews Jr.1, Sandy Wortman1, Laurie Sutor1,2, LeeAnn Walker3, Sarah Burnett-Greenup3
1. Carter BloodCare, Bedford, TX 2. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX
3. University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX

Abstract Title: Aliquoting Cryoperserved Red Cell Units
Author: Dave Sawh, OneBlood Inc.

Abstract Title: The Science...or Not Behind Deferrals of Blood Donors With a History of Cancer
Authors: Richard R. Gammon1,8 Courtney Hopkins2,8 Gagan Mathur3,8 Susan N. Rossmann4,8 Merlyn Sayers5,6,8 Todd Straus7,8

1. OneBlood, Scientific, Medical, Technical Direction, Orlando, Florida 2. Vitalant, Corporate Medical Affairs, Charleston, South Carolina 3. University of California Irvine, Orange, CA 4. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, Houston, Texas 5. Carter Blood Care, Bedford, Texas 6. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas 7. The Community Blood Center, Appleton, Wisconsin 8. Donor Cancer Deferral Workgroup, America's Blood Centers, Washington, D.C.

Abstract Title: Cost Effectiveness of Allogeneic Adsorption versus Soluble Recombinant Blood Group Protein
Authors: Katherine Dovydaitis BB(ASCP)CM, Tara Francis SBB(ASCP)CM, Cody Riebel BB(ASCP)CM, Michael Gannett MLS(ASCP)SBBCM, Richard Gammon, MD,  OneBlood Inc.

Abstract Title: Improving Team Member Engagement and Process Improvement Using Employee-led Performance Improvement Committee (EPIC)
Author: Mingmar Sherpa, MLS, SBB, DCLS