The South Central Association of Blood Banks Foundation was established in 1987 for the sole purpose of enhancing the educational goals of South Central Association of Blood Banks.


Today, the SCABB Foundation continues to grow and provide financial support to the Association in the form of annual meeting scholarships, speaker honorariums and other program supplementation.



In 1984, past president, John Kemp introduced the idea of a South Central Association of Blood Banks Foundation. He donated back to the Association the honorarium he received as the Administrative Lecturer, with the stipulation that it be dedicated funds until such time as a Foundation was formed.


During the 1986-87 year, Vice President Ronnie Garner formally presented the motion to form a Foundation to the Board of Directors. To use Dr. Garner’s words, “The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the educational goals of SCABB”. The motion passed and the first trustees were appointed.


On March 18, 1987 at 10:00AM, the SCABB Foundation was born.

The charter members of the Board of Trustees, appointed by the SCABB Board of Directors (BOD) were:

  • Bill Bristow
  • Margie Peschel
  • Page Sanchez
  • Ernie Simon
  • Jack Smythe

At that organizational meeting, the Articles of Incorporation and a draft of the bylaws were discussed and approved. The first officers elected were:

  • President, Page D. Sanchez
  • Vice President, Margie Peschel
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Bristow
  • BOD liaison, Ronnie Garner

That first year was devoted to refining the bylaws and making sure that all legal and I.R.S. requirements were met. It was decided that a corporate account for the foundation would be established and that this account would be totally separate from the SCABB operating account. The fiscal year would coincide with that of SCABB – May 1 to April 30th.

When the Board of Trustees met in Houston, Page Sanchez was elected President, with Bob Treuting as Vice President and Bobby Grigsby as Secretary-Treasurer. The trustees acted upon a recommendation from the Funding Committee. No funds will be dispensed from the Foundation until a minimum amount has been contributed. When donations to the Foundation reach a minimum of $75,000.00, the interest will be used for such things as scholarships, grants, and funding for educational programs.