* Deadline to submit a nomination is April 17th *


Annual Meeting Award Nominations

Each year, South Central Association of Blood Banks recognizes the contributions and achievements of its members and those dedicated to the blood banking profession through its Awards Program. These awards highlight the accomplishments of individuals working in Donor Recruitment, Blood Collections, Immunohematology, Education and Research, etc. Collectively, they recognize excellence in the field of blood banking.

Consider potential nominees for the award categories below to be presented during the 2023 SCABB Annual Meeting.


Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual or institutional member of the association who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the success of the South Central Association of Blood Banks. Recipients of this award are recognized for a contribution, landmark event, or new endeavor that helps sustain the association or promotes its growth and prosperity.




Dr. Matthew Gottlieb Rising Star Award

Named in honor of Dr. Matthew Gottlieb, the “Rising Star” Award services to recognize the contributions of an Association member of less than five years that has contributed to the South Central Association of Blood Banks, either by serving on a committee, presenting, or writing an article for the Pulse.



Larry L Trow Memorial Educational Award

The Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award is presented to an individual within the South Central Region who has significantly contributed to the promotion of education with relation to immunohematology. 



President's Award of Merit

The President’s Award of Merit consists of two awards: one for Outstanding Individual and the other for Outstanding Contribution for either the promotion of blood banking, public understanding or commitment to blood banking.

  • Outstanding Individual: This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the blood resources of a blood collection facility, either by coordinating blood drives, donating large quantities of blood, or recruiting large numbers of blood donors over a long period of time.

  • Outstanding Contributions: This award is presented to a group or financial contributor to the blood banking profession, which has shown spectacular long-or short-term results.